Here are some of the frequently asked questions

How can I register for the “Sava Dimitrov” International Clarinet Competition?

To register, please fill up our Online-Form or visit the official competition website and follow the registration instructions.

What is the participation fee for the competition, and how do I pay?

Information about the participation fee and payment method is provided on the competition website. Please check that information there.

Who can participate in the competition?

Check the competition rules for additional details.

What are the requirements for the musical pieces?

Information about repertoire requirements can be found in the “Rules” section on the competition website.

How is the judging process conducted?

The competition has a panel of professional musicians and educators as judges. They evaluate participants in various categories based on criteria set by the organizers.

When will the results be announced?

The date for result announcements is specified in the competition rules. Check the website or follow our social media channels or updated information.

What are the prizes for the winners?

Information about prizes for winners is provided on the competition website. This includes subject awards from the global leader in Clarinet Manufacturing, cash awards, performance opportunities, and more.

Can I attend the event as an audience member?

Yes, you’re welcome to attend performances. The entrance for the concerts is free.

Where can I find contact information if I have additional questions?

Contact information for the organizers is available on the competition website and social media channels. If needed, feel free to reach out to them for further assistance and information.